sabel Marant For Thanks Giving

sabel Marant For Thanks Giving
What you should wear in Thanks Giving? What you should own in Thanks Giving?What you should notice in Thanks Giving?
A pair of Isabel Marant shoes!Exactly, we are not saying the unreasonable words, we are telling you the most fashionable shoes this year and the most cheapest place to buy Isabel Marant shoes.You do not need to worry about your money budget and come to check with us for the fashion trend in the street.If you want to rush to the stores you want to buy the things you want, you also should wear this pair of Isabel Marant sneakers or buy this pair of boots first.You will ask, why? Why I need to buy? How do you know that I will take your advice in mind? Yes, we are confident with our advice.You will know why with our explanations.
American loves their Thanks Giving day Holiday with the Turkey and the Black Friday that like their the ruler of the world, buy what ever they want and eat whatever they want in the Thanks Giving DAY and this pair of Isabel Marant shoes are the best items that choosing by so many famous stars for the charm it has.And in the Thanks Giving day, Hollywood stars wear Isabel Marant shoes to celebrate the festival and to attend the activities for the Thanks Giving.Do not worry about the outfit that you need to pick for the Thanks Giving day, causual and leisure, or in the formal occasions.
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Moncler, the best and never with limitation

Moncler, the best and never with limitation
With the coming Thanks Giving, Black Friday is in the mind.It is a tradition for many Americans to shop for the whole family with the winter is coming after the Thanks Giving day.So all the retailers and shops use many ways to attract people’s attention with sale to buy their things.Moncler is in the flow to make the best feather jacket for people in holidy hiking and in daily wear for this big Thanks Giving, Black Friday Moncler is attracting so many people’s attentions.
To wear Moncler feather jacket and outfit is common for many people, but I think few people know the founded story of Moncler.Moncler is a Italy Brand as we all know.The name of Moncler is the short writing of Monestier de Clermon.The small town will never think that the brand named after it will be a world famous brand in the outdoor outfit brands.The three young men as Rene Ramillom,Andre Vincent,and Lionel Terray, they were came from different places.They had the same dream and they entered the group as Chantiers de Jeunesse.And after they developed deep friendship in the group of Chantiers de Jeunesse.They decided to open their factory of outdoor brand in Monestier de Clermon.That is the place Moncler borned.So it was called Moncler.With many difficulties and hard working, Moncler got people’s admittance from 1954 as the equivalents for Italian explored Team to Mongolia.That means a lot to Moncler and opened a new era for Moncler.
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Louis Vuitton dedicated to Monogram with Louis Vuitton Monogram CAMERA messenger’s bag

Louis Vuitton dedicated to Monogram with Louis Vuitton Monogram CAMERA messenger’s bag
Monogram is one of the most classic treasure for Louis Vuitton pallas chain purse louis vuitton , as we all know for the celebration of 160 anniversary of Louis Vuitton , six master designers in the fashion filed designed new Monogram bag for Louis Vuitton to dedicate to the art of Louis Vuitton.And Louis Vuitton Monogram Camera messenger’s bag could be called one of the leading bag of Louis Vuitton’s fine art from six designers.
And to many people, how to use the Louis Vuitton Monogram Camera messenger’s bag to match with their outfit in the closet is a problem they need to consider.We find some good examples with the famous stars who love Monogram Camera messenger bag.

This looking is a mode looking for people who want to use this Camera messenger bag.It seems simple but with careful mind in match, the suit with jeans shows the neutral beauty of women with the messenger bag as the shining point for the whole look.You will think it is a simple look, but not everyone can use simple look well to show their own beauty.or and one more thing is the shoes, if you wear a pair of sneaker or other high heels, the whole look will be broken.A pair of leather boots to work with the leather bag of Louis Vuitton monogram Camera messenger bag is the exact match.
To men’s closet, this messenger bag also can be well presented the personality of men.So it is a bag can be used by women and men.
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Nike Air Jordan “Doernbecher” , in name of love

Nike Air Jordan “Doernbecher” , in name of love

It is a warm moment in this winter as the coming winter every year, Nike X Doernbecher

Freestyle series’s release in 2014 is the warm moment for 2014 winter.This year is the

eleventh year that Nike has cooperation with Doernbecher children hospital.From 2004,

Nike had this work with Doernbecher Children hospital to make Nike X Doernbercher

Freestyle basketball shoes.It is a project that Nike choose the children in this hospital and

let them design the shoes and Nike produces the shoes.The sale money for those shoes

will donate to the Doernbecher Children Hospital.

The new Nike X Doernbecher Freestyle in 2014 is released in time.With the release of

every years DB series, one of the shoe styles in those shoes every year has a Nike Air J

ordan shoes with the name of love.Those children designed shoes has been impressed

people for the simple and honest heart of those children.And that reason makes people

has expectations on every year’s DB series.The main role in 2014 DB series is Nike Air

Jordan 8 “Doernbecher’’, which has always been the leading role of every year’s Nike


Children’s imagination is unlimited for they have all kinds of thoughts from their eyes,

they think all things in the world are beautiful, that is why Nike Air Jordan 8 Doernbecher

has such a rich colors as other Nike Air Jordan Doernbecher shoes.That is the passion

and enthusiasm of life they are looking for in the future!

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Nike LeBron 9 Low Overlord In Low Altitude War

Nike LeBron 9 Low Overlord In Low Altitude War
Lower the upper of the shoes, and is it like Nike Air Max 360? Nike LeBron 9 Low changes a lot for summer basketball playing.Comparing with other basketball shoes in the market, Nike Lebron 9 is a good shoe style in all aspects which is used by all the high technology in making Nike shoes.And to take the market of Summer basketball shoes, Nike LeBron series released Nike LeBron Low Cut Shoes with the bright color.It is popular from the release.Last version of LeBron 9 Low won a big success and people have high expectation in this pair of new LeBron 9 Low.
Nike LeBron 9 Low is the Low Cut version which is based on the LeBron.To compare with the directing cutting the upper from the LeBron shoes, Nike Lebron 9 Low is a new designed shoe style.With the same use of sole as Nike Lebron Mid version, it is hard to find the similarities of Nike Lebron and Nike Lebron 9 Low.LeBron 9’s vamp is made by the newest Flywire technology and woven ways to provide the best sustaintion of the shoes.And with that vamp, people do not need to worry about the permeability.Nike LeBron 9 Low is breathable.From the sample that Nike showed to the public, LeBron 9 Low is the same with Nike LeBron 9 with a bad breathablity , but the final release of the shoe is changed with the old design.The hyperfuse material is made in the LeBron 9 Low which makes this pair of shoes are suitable to summer.And the signature of James and the special Logo proves the unusual identity of this pair of Nike LeBron 9 Low.
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Louis Vuitton’ case for the Championship Cup of 2014 World Cup

Louis Vuitton’ case for the Championship Cup of 2014 World Cup
The most notable game of 2014 must be the football festival 2014 World Cup.If you think it is a only sport game that does not have any connection with fashion, your idea is wrong.Everything now has links with fashion.This time, Louis Vuitton was invited to design a travel case to put the championship prize World Cup.
We think everyone knows the whole June’s hottest topic was the world cup football game.When people went to work, ate in the restaurant, and chatting online, they could not leave talking about the football.The four goals of germany to Portugal and the things which could not have connection with football were out of fashion.For the trend, Louis Vuitton was authorized by the international football league to make the leather case to put the world cup.And this was not the first time Louis Vuitton had cooperation with World Cup, last time Louis Vuitton made the case for 2010 South Africa World Cup.
Classic with classic, what is kind of sparkle would have? The south Africa world cup leather case was made by the handmade office of Louis Vuitton as Asnieres, the case was made with lock, logo pattern and metal accessories to show the most iconic features of Louis Vuitton.And this time the design of new Louis Vuitton case was merited the design from last case, the most special feature for this time’s case was it could be opened from the top and side of the case.The released moment of 2014 world cup case made the fans crazy as last time.
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Shopping in Hongkong , picking up a pair of Isabel Marant sneakers

Shopping in Hongkong , picking up a pair of Isabel Marant sneakers
Isabel Marant wedge sneakers make the famous stars to be most fashionable people.With the inside wedge making the shoes to have high heels and comfort at the same time which could be called one stone with two birds and with the magic velrco hook and loop make the shoes with a vintage feeling.The whole line of the shoes is sporty and easy to match with all the clothes and it is perfect with no flawless to tell.That makes Beyonce, Niki Hilton and super model Alexsander, Miranda Kerr are all its fans and to be the spokesmen free with wearing Isabel Marant sneakers.Although there are so many similar shoes which is copied from this pair of Isabel Marant shoes, it is still so many people want to have a pair of Isabel Marant sneakers.Isabel Marant shoes have magic.
To those women who are used to high heels shoes, they are dreaming of owning a pair of shoes with comfortableness and to improve the height of themselves.Isabel Marant designed this pair of shoes which brings the good fortune to those women.And with this pair of shoes, those women are no need to worry about their height problem which is a shortness to them for their beauty.And to many women same idea, a pair of right shoes could improve one’s temperament with the clothes.simple but good to look, fashion icon will be you on the street. And when you go to hongkong, this pair of Isabel Marant shoes will be the must have.
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Moncler has creative idea for its New York Fashion Week

New York fashion week is always a stage bringing many creative idea for us, American new designer Baja east used the way that designers explained the designing idea of every work to show its collection.And the famous brand as Moncler Grenoble has much more creative idea to use some singers on a machine to swing on the machine and singed wired songs on the machine to show its collections.
This time, Moncler changed its old image as the hiking and ski brand only has connection with the sporty show.It used a new way to show its collection this season.They do not use the models to walk on the stage, they used the model to sing songs and used the static show to make the models stand on the stage wearing the clothes of Mocler this season and make them sing on a machine and show the details and unique features of Moncler this season.That show attracted people’ s attention highly.And that way it was never used by other brands.So we can know from the idea of Moncler’s new creative mind with its designer and its brand spirit.The most outstanding design of this season for Moncler was the Moncler Grenoble.It was an image to indicate to people with its noble spirit.Moncler wanted the whole world to know its fashion spirit with the outdoor brand that it was not only to real use, it could be worn for a fashion mind.
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How to keep all the femine with Isabel Marant

If you are a fan of fashion, your closet will have a pair of sneakers.Looking at the sport trend in the fashion field, super models worn a pair of sneakers to have photos in the streets, many fashion brands have cooperation with the sports brands to produce fashion sneakers.This season, Isabel Marant sneakers use its fashion position to prove to us the new sneaker fashion in the fashion filed.And this time, we will introduce several fashion icons’ sneakers to prove to your guys that sneakers also can show the feminity, fashion feel and elegance.
The first one is the fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni of Italy, she used a pair of Nike Sneaker to fit to her Chanel look.The sneakers with rich colors reduce the sports feel and improve the feminine beauty.The second one is Hyun Jeong Ji who wears Black ans white lesuire clothes to go with the Isabel marant high heel sneakers.The lesuire and sport feel to women are showed in her look.And another one who loves Isabel Marant sneakers is the fashion blogger Sofie Valkiers, she wears dress with houndstooth to show how to use the dress to go with sneakers.Chic and beautiful without any lofty at the same time. That is a special new look for women who take in reference with their fancy dresses.
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Moncler bring you to spend this winter

Moncler bring you to spend this winter
Recently, Moncler has been published its new collection in 2014 autumn and winter season as man and women accessory collections, shoes, bags and other leather products which are all in unique Moncler style.
The flagship accessories of men is the hiking boots that Moncler made with fine art and good sport function.The lightness and incomparable comfort make this pair of hiking boots attract people’s attentions quickly.And they has three colors in the boots sole which is the designing point for the boots.Sneakers is anther flagship product of Moncler, there are many colors in the ankle part of the sneakers, the careful thought design of down charged which is warm and comfortable.The sheepskin material made short boots which help you to spend the cold winter. Moncler shoulder bag this season use two super big pockets to be the designing points and its fine art could compare with the holding travel bag.
Women collection of this season’s Moncler shows the functional and fashion idea of designing thought.The high heels and low heels shoes are two new products of Moncler this season.The snow boots and rubber sole shoes are all new in this season.The comfort and functions are two important consideration that Moncler consider for this season with the fashion outer look for their products.The rich colors is another designing point for this season’s bag of Moncler, Cheryne bag is the hot selling bag for Moncler this season, and Ophelie bag also is a necessary buying for this season.
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