Ann’s choice

My friend Ann is a girl who spent so many money on shoes.I cannot understand why she spends so much money on shoes.She told me once that buying shoes made her feel safe and happy, as I love reading ,reading makes me happy and safe.
Once I went to Ann’s home, and have a travel in her closet. I saw various kinds of shoes in her closet, i guess she owned more than 50pairs of shoes. But most of them were high heels. I asked why she did not bought sneakers. She answered me that she did not need the ugly sneakers because she did not do exercise.That is a wrong idea I want to tell people, we buy sneakers not only for exercise, buy also can wear in our daily life.She did not believe my idea. So I told her to have a pair of Isabel Marant shoes.The day after i told her, Ann bought a pair of Isabel Marant shoes, she telephoned me and said that i brought a big surprise to her. She said she did not know this brand before and she did not expected to see a pair of sneakers such fashion, and she said it was also very comfortable.For a high heel lover as Ann, the inside high heels also a big happiness for her.She thanked for my recommendation for such a pair of shoes.
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