Stay healthy is important

For so many years hard working and under great pressure, Laura get a high body weight and getting fatter and fatter.She is very annoy with her weight.And with this high weight, Her heart gets problems.With so many women who are working all day and spending so much time in front of computers, weight problem will be more and more series. High body weight always go with other healthy problems.We should take this problem as series.
With those troubles, Laura went to the hospital to see the doctor.The doctor had a body examination for Laura.The doctor told Laura that she is just 40, but her heart age is like 45.And other problems with other organs
Will come to Laura in the near future.Laura was shocked and asked the doctor if any ways to make her healthy.The doctor told Laura to have sports and exercises every day to lose weight and keep healthy.The moment Laura went out from hospital, she rushed to the stores to buy a pair of sneakers.Sneakers were shoes which have not been in her closet for such a long period.She almost forget sneakers.But this time, she wanted to save her own life with sneakers.
After hearing the introduction of the service people in the store, Laura wanted to buy a pair of Isabel Marant shoes.She thought that pair of shoes were the best choice for her.She was attracted by the Isabel Marant shoes for outstanding look and comfortableness.The second day, Laura enjoyed happy jogging with her new Isabel Marant sneakers.
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