Famous stars with Isabel Marant

The most unforgettable image of famous star who wears Isabel Marant boots is Miranda Ker.A picture photoed by the reporter of Miranda Ker is her wearing Isabel Marant shoes when holding her son.That is the best advertisement about Isabel Marant of famous star.
This photo starts a fashion quickly with famous stars who wear Isabel Marant shoes, Niki Hilton who is the sister of Paris Hilton, kristen stewart, the actor of Twilight and the last is the Beyonce who is one of the most popular singers in America, those who are all fans of Isabel Marant, not mention others, so many famous stars become the lovers of Isabel Marant sneakers.That year, we can see from such a big part of the high street fashion photos with Isabel marant sneakers on the fashion people’s feet.And with such a popularity , it is not hard to know why it is so popular from its release.And we can find in those photos, that all styles can be well presented by this pair of Isabel Marant shoes.That is also an advantage of Isabel Marant shoes.And no one can doubt the influence of the famous stars have on the fashion.The fans of those famous stars we mentioned above will be the best consumer group for Isabel Marant shoes.So It gets such great success.
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