Louis Vuitton’ case for the Championship Cup of 2014 World Cup

Louis Vuitton’ case for the Championship Cup of 2014 World Cup
The most notable game of 2014 must be the football festival 2014 World Cup.If you think it is a only sport game that does not have any connection with fashion, your idea is wrong.Everything now has links with fashion.This time, Louis Vuitton was invited to design a travel case to put the championship prize World Cup.
We think everyone knows the whole June’s hottest topic was the world cup football game.When people went to work, ate in the restaurant, and chatting online, they could not leave talking about the football.The four goals of germany to Portugal and the things which could not have connection with football were out of fashion.For the trend, Louis Vuitton was authorized by the international football league to make the leather case to put the world cup.And this was not the first time Louis Vuitton had cooperation with World Cup, last time Louis Vuitton made the case for 2010 South Africa World Cup.
Classic with classic, what is kind of sparkle would have? The south Africa world cup leather case was made by the handmade office of Louis Vuitton as Asnieres, the case was made with lock, logo pattern and metal accessories to show the most iconic features of Louis Vuitton.And this time the design of new Louis Vuitton case was merited the design from last case, the most special feature for this time’s case was it could be opened from the top and side of the case.The released moment of 2014 world cup case made the fans crazy as last time.
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