Moncler has creative idea for its New York Fashion Week

New York fashion week is always a stage bringing many creative idea for us, American new designer Baja east used the way that designers explained the designing idea of every work to show its collection.And the famous brand as Moncler Grenoble has much more creative idea to use some singers on a machine to swing on the machine and singed wired songs on the machine to show its collections.
This time, Moncler changed its old image as the hiking and ski brand only has connection with the sporty show.It used a new way to show its collection this season.They do not use the models to walk on the stage, they used the model to sing songs and used the static show to make the models stand on the stage wearing the clothes of Mocler this season and make them sing on a machine and show the details and unique features of Moncler this season.That show attracted people’ s attention highly.And that way it was never used by other brands.So we can know from the idea of Moncler’s new creative mind with its designer and its brand spirit.The most outstanding design of this season for Moncler was the Moncler Grenoble.It was an image to indicate to people with its noble spirit.Moncler wanted the whole world to know its fashion spirit with the outdoor brand that it was not only to real use, it could be worn for a fashion mind.
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