Moncler breaks the rules

Moncler breaks the rules
To talk about the feather down products, we all think about the cold winter with white snow.With the technology today, feather down clothes are light like other clothes, so we can see some people wear feather down clothes in spring and autumn.
The French brand Moncler is famous for its feather down clothes for a good reputation.Moncler feather clothes are light and with various fashion styles which break the old image for feather down clothes with a heavy and traditional image.Besides the feather clothes, Moncler also has other functional clothes which are popular, every season Moncler get the fashion people’s attentions. This spring and summer in 2014, Moncler has new style of Moncler W for the rainy and cold weather.This style is with many different functions for lighter coat and anti water coat which are full of army feel for the fashion men.
The wild feel for sand is the main theme of this Moncler W series, with that theme, the colors of this Moncler W series are more tend to use yellow and brown as the main colors.The patterns of the Moncler W are imitations from the rough surface of sand rocks and some of them use the camouflage to show the craggy feel of men.To go with the short panties of this series, men’s charm are presented perfect in this Moncler W.
For the Moncler W collection, we can see that Moncler is a brand good at breaking the old rules.
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