Nike is still a growing company

Nike is still a growing company
To many fans of Nike, they think Nike is an old company for so long history and development, but for Nike itself.It is still a young company and under great development.It is an attitude that Nike shows to the whole world and it is also the success secret that Nike won so many people’s favors.For the meaning of word nike as the goddess of Victory,Nike now is winning all victories in every aspect.
Now Nike’s president is Mark Parker who is also worked as Nike’s designer before.We can see from that Nike is not like other enterprise to invite new member to be its CEO. It makes its employee who works for Nike all the time and who knows the enterprise culture and the developments of Nike well.That is another key point we should mention for Nike.Nike is an enterprise which is always good at protecting the rights of its own employees and many people like to work for Nike. Mark Parker who is good at the brand marketing of Nike who bring Nike to a total different stage with his own idea.And he told the media once for the reason why Nike win so much great success that is the continuing innovation for Nike.Nike is not just satisfy with its success, it never stop its steps to get the new idea and innovation in its products and for new products.Mark Parker, a good friend to the ex-CEO of Steve Jobs , they are all like to think for new innovated idea and talked about their ideas together.I guess for those two famous brands in the world, they are all could not develop well with the new creations for their companies and for the whole world.
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